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Brian C. Ferguson


Formula Racing

This culminating project at Thayer School was a team effort. This FSAE race car was built from the ground up starting with vehicle dynamics research to complete CAD designs and FEA analysis. All the parts were designed, built and assembled by the team.

Project Summary




 MS Project

 MS Office

Academic Club/Team

I was assigned to the Front Suspension and Steering Development Team. The list of deliverables for my team were as follows:

 Control arms


 Wheel hubs

 Push rod

 Wheel bearings

 Spherical bearings


 Steering arms and linkages

 Chassis-interface hardware

 Accurate Pro/E drawings of all parts

 Cost report for all purchased and

manufactured components

Date: Fall 2004 Spring 2005

The finished product rendered using Pro/Engineer

Engineering Programs Used

Additional Information

Cross-sectional views of wheel packaging

Side and top view of finished Pro/E assembly

Steering Assembly in Pro/E

Pro/Mechanica analysis of the kingpin upright

Production assembly and welding of kingpin uprights

Putting it all together

The Finished Product