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Brian C. Ferguson


List of Courses

Liberal Arts

Literature & Composition

Individual Instruct Strings I

Greek and Roman Architecture

Intermediate German

Music History - Bach

Economic - The Price System

Individual Instruct Strings II

Language Study Abroad (Berlin): Advanced German

Language Study Abroad (Berlin): Aspects Contemporary German Culture

Language Study Abroad (Berlin): German Literature

German: Classic Weimar to Weimar Republic

Introductory Psychology

Urbanization & Environment

Oral Tradition Musicianship

Plant and Animal Geography



Mathematics Physical Sciences I

Differential Equations

Intro Physical Science I

Mathematics Physical Sciences II

Intro Physical Science II

Intro Computer Science/Engineering Applications

Intro to Engineering

Intro to Thermodynamics

Engineering Systems

Solid Mechanics

Distributed Systems/Fields

Intro to Environmental Engineering

Science of Materials

Fluid Dynamics

Machine Engineering

General Chemistry

Materials Process & Selection

Statistical Methods in Engineering


Computer Aided Mechanical Engineering Design

Mechanical Behavior of Materials

Engineering Design Methodology I

Engineering Design Methodology II


Engineering Management

Intro to Optimization Methods


Technical Project Management

Corporate Finance

Operations Management

Analysis & Optimization of Inventory Systems

Marketing Strategies

Professional Decision Modeling