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Engineering Programs/Methods Used

Brian C. Ferguson



This model sailboat was produced using rapid prototyping, thermoforming, injection molding and vacuum casting methods along with Pro/Engineer and Mechanica programs to design and analyze all parts. A class regatta determined the most sea-worthy vessels.

Project Summary



 Rapid Prototyping-Center Console


 Injection Molding-Top of Mast and Cross Braces

 Vacuum Casting-Rudders and Fins

Class Project

This project was a class competition for my Finite Element Analysis class. Size limits were dictated by the capacity of our machines at Thayer School. It was required that at least one part on your boat was made by each of the processes listed on the right.


My catamaran sailed very well in both calm and rough water. Keeping the control box out of the hulls and in a water-tight box was a saving grace. Many other boats leaked and shorted out their electric circuitry.

Date: Spring 2004

Finished Pro/E model of sailboat