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Brian C. Ferguson


This hand-held emergency device was designed to enhance “Blue-Light” security alert systems on campuses all over the country.  It uses the wireless 802.B11 bandwidth commonly found on college campuses to alert security when a student is in distress.

Project Summary

· Safety Blitz Article published in DUJS

Class Project

In researching a method to implement our solution, we found many important specifications, such as cost, size, user-friendliness, and reliability, and quantified these specs through testing and research. All were reasonable, and as such we created a running prototype on a Linux based system and a model of the actual device within our quantifications. On the other end we created a running database that received the distress calls and then generated a clear output window that displayed the users vital contact and medical information, as well as their location on campus.

A provisional patent was obtained for this product. Despite financial support from angel investor groups, Safety Blitz was frowned on by College officials who did not want to heighten security paranoia among students and parents.

Date: Fall 2001

The Safety Blitz Prototype Mock-Up

The Dartmouth Undergraduate Journal of Science Issue Date: Fall 2003

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