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Brian C. Ferguson


B&R Tree Houses

In 2004 my friend and business partner Ryan Van Hoff started a two-man tree house building company. With healthy input from future 8-year old owners, I design and draw up the engineering plans that create solid structures out of their imaginations. From there we create a business plan and bill of materials for parental approval. Ryan and I handle every aspect of the building process.

Project Summary


 MS Project

 MS Excel

Independent Project

Above is the SolidWorks model I created for the first tree house we built. The entire structure was designed and approved by the family who hired us prior to any purchasing of wood or supplies.

Through Solid Works, I created a very precise estimate of costs before we began working. The kids loved the 3D graphics and drawing capabilities of the software. We spent hours together modifying my first iterations.

This tree house has a great view of Dartmouth College nestled in the Connecticut River Valley and the Green Mountains of Vermont in the background.

We currently have two more houses on order with construction planned for completion this coming fall.

Date: Summer 2004 Present

3D Cad Drawing and Description

Some really happy kids.

Engineering Programs Used