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Brian C. Ferguson


Class Project

Date: Fall 2001

This list is a sampling of projects that I’ve worked on and completed throughout my years at Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth College.

This hand-held emergency device was designed to enhance “Blue-Light” security alert systems on campuses all over the country.  It uses the wireless 802.B11 bandwidth commonly found on college campuses to alert security when a student is in distress.

Engineering Entrepreneurship — The Safety Blitz

Class Project

Date: Fall 2003

This R/C controlled robot has the capability of delivering mail from a basement mail room to rooms on the floors above.  Identical boxes of parts and material were given to students. Robots were to be designed, analyzed and constructed to complete the task.

Text Box: Mechanics — Stair Climbing Robot

Class Project

Date: Winter 2004

This sterling engine was built from scratch using the machine shop facilities at Thayer School of Engineering.  The base was sand-casted at a local foundry where I was able to try out metal forming first hand.  

Material Processes and Production — Sterling Engine Project

Class Project

Date: Spring 2004

Text Box: This model sailboat was produced using rapid prototyping, thermoforming, injection molding and vacuum casting methods along with Pro/Engineer and Mechanica programs to design and analyze all parts.  A class regatta determined the most sea-worthy vessels.

Finite Element Analysis and Plastics Production — Sailboat Design

Independent Project

Date: Summer 2004 — Present

In 2004 my friend and business partner Ryan Van Hoff started a two-man tree house building company. With healthy input from future 8-year old owners, I design and draw up the engineering plans that create solid structures out of their imaginations. From there we create a business plan and bill of materials for parental approval. Ryan and I handle every aspect of the building process.

B&R Tree Houses

Academic Club/Team

Date: Fall 2004 — Spring 2005

This culminating project at Thayer School was a team effort. This FSAE race car was built from the ground up starting with vehicle dynamics research to complete CAD designs and FEA analysis. All the parts were designed, built and assembled by the team.

Dartmouth Formula Racing—Front Suspension and Steering Development

Past Projects List